Mutiny S-Series Kite

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Slashing waves, mastering the directional board and progressing your skills will be easy on the S-Series.

 Available in 6m - 12m. 4 line control bar. Super for surf. Fun for freeride. 

The Mutiny S-Series is a seriously fun kite for a range of abilities and riding styles. Beginner kitesurfers will enjoy the large depower range, clean safety system, ease of re-launch and stability. Alongside a lightweight but solid 2 strut design the Mutiny S-Series performance excels in the waves whether you are riding a directional or twintip. The S-Series make a great freeride/wave kite and the 12m has a great bottom end for getting you out and enjoying the surf when others are stuck on the beach. The S-Series is available in 6m, 8m, 10m and 12m sizes. Despite personally being pretty poor in the waves the S-Series is a great kite to progress those directional skills on. When the winds up the Mutiny S-Series is great fun on a twin tip, because it is relatively low aspect it works well for learning unhooked tricks as well as boosting and floating around. The 10m and 12m S-Series are great fun for catching some air.

The S-Series stands for Surf. It also stands for Stoked, which is exactly how you’ll feel after every Session. The S-Series does it all. Its robust lightweight 2 strut design is targeted at the waves but it also thrives when there's no swell. Its stability, easy re-launch and fast turn rate make it a joy on a surfboard and it gets better as the direct bar feedback, light bar pressure and point and shoot jumping make this an all round twin - tip riding pleasure. The perfect kite for progressing riders who want something they can ride whatever the conditions. You can boost when it’s flat, or ride the waves when you are lucky enough to find them.


Mutiny S-Series Kite Features:

Accessible Performance: The S – Series features a simple no pulley bridle. There’s only one connection point for each of the four lines. One bridle configuration and one inflation point. Simple.

Re-launch: The large centre chord, slightly swept design wingtips and lightweight design make re-launching this kite quick and easy.

Turn Speed: The direct rear line connection, big wingtips, and a no pulley bridle make the S-Series crisp and fast in the turn.

Wind Range: The lightweight efficient design helps the kite fly in light winds, while the large de-power range keeps you safe in strong winds.

Stability: Unlike many other surf kites, the S-Series is designed to be both fast and stable. It won’t fall out of the sky in gusty conditions, and when you run towards the kite it drifts with you, so it’s perfect for riding waves or just focusing on your session.

Bar Pressure and Balance: Refined aerodynamics and careful canopy shaping minimise the drag and produce a kite with lightning acceleration and responsive handling.

Mutiny S-Series Designers Notes:

When we first designed the S – Series the goal was purely to excel in the waves, so we made it turn fast, and kept it really light and stable so it drifted down the line and floated above your head in gusty conditions. As more and more riders discovered its versatility we realised this was a kite which lent itself to a far wider audience than wave riders alone. Its stability and direct response make it perfect for intermediate riders learning to jump. It’s so forgiving that if your timing is out the wide depower range will help you get them out of trouble. We expected the kite to work well for the intermediates, but what surprised us was how freestylers on twin tips really enjoyed launching into big kite loops and just going out for a free-ride session on the S. It doesn’t have the same explosive power as the P – Series, but that makes it perfect when you are learning new tricks. So you can develop your skills and get dialled on the S – Series, then transition to the P – Series to feel the power and acceleration of a thoroughbred later on (and keep the S for the surfboard). Meanwhile the S makes it easy to push your riding skills and go everywhere with a big grin.